Casio pathfinder model 2632 manual

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User Manual for Casio Watch Module 2632 - Owner's Guide.

* Will be affected by other factors such as season and water temperature, so strictly as a "guideline" Please use.


-New Moon and full moon and when the angle is expressed in number of marks (4, 4), and conditions at 0: 12: most commonly fished.

<em>Casio</em> Men's PAS400B-5V Pathfinder" Resin Fishing Watch With." />

Casio Men's PAS400B-5V "Pathfinder" Resin Fishing Watch With.

ハンティングギア ( fishing ) fishing time function hour sunrise sunset time and moon phase to manage and ideal for fishing and vibration alarm installed, and watch. Head looks of direction angle of at ( at angle 0: ) / overhead from the 90 ° West ( at corner increased at 6 / ( at corner at 12: ) / overhead from 90 ° East ( at corner 18: ) become is the time.

Casio PAS400B-5V Wrist Watch for Men eBay

PATHFINDER collection of the best of the pinnacle, the marine professional school watch as the top Mountaineer for authentic school outdoor watch PROTRECK シーパスファインダー.

Casio pathfinder model 2632 manual:

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