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Knht T-150 Transmitter Modifications - AMfone

I bought the Globe Scout from my nehbor, Tom / WB9DFR after his parents put the kabosh on his Novice activity if it was going to include putting up outside antennas. I found a a Knht T-60 that I picked up at the Indianapolis Hamfest.

Knht-Kit T-150 - Radio Reprints

I would love to re-live yesteryear by putting together a station like I had back in 1970.

Knht T-<em>150</em> Transmitter Modifications - AMfone

Knht/t150 - Boat Anchor Manual Archive -

General Coverage with calibrated bandspread for all bands except 15 meters, I made a lot of contacts with that r! At the Findlay Ohio Hamfest in September 2004 I managed to acquire a nice Knht T-150 AM/CW transmitter. All capacitor replacements and mods were made under the chassis with the defective 2 section can left in place for cosmetics.

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The receiver worked pretty well but needed some cosmetic cleanup and polish work.

Knight t 150 owners manual:

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