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-All WIP previous enhacements -General Fixed a bug when entering the options menu without starting a driver (Thanks to FJ Marti) If a driver is not initialized when exiting the list, no buttons are displayed Added multiple directories for arcade ROMS separated by ';' (requested by Davide) Fixed enter full screen when changing from video menu K054000: Added protection chip K053246-K053247-K055673: Implemented functions to show sprites -Game Boy/Game Boy Color Rewritted the video functions Corrected read/write of MBC5 mapper extra memory Corrected the sound 'mode 3' Corrected reading of the joystick/buttons when ussing the IRQ Improved way to compare the current line that generates an IRQ Improved timings of the current line Game Boy Color -Corrected the size of the palette records.


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Timer 1 has a mode to count up by the system clock And a mode to count up by HSYNC, Both of them can stop counting up during VBLANK, Because I did not think there was a situation to stop in the system clock mode, For the sake of simplicity, we have adopted a pseudo-reproduction that counts up slowly without stopping.

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