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The phone every parent hopes they will never receive was made.

The Road Back A Journey of Grace and Grit. Anesthesiology ASA.

Miraculously, his accident was witnessed by Mark Harris, an anesthesiologist, and his wife, who happened to be out for a morning drive with their car club. Harris went to Matt’s aid and found he had a crushed face and skull, was not breathing, and exhibited sns of brain damage. Harris instinctively performed a risky maneuver, knowing it mht do more harm than good but also knowing it was his best shot at getting Matt to breathe, which would buy them enough time to get him to a trauma center.

The <b>Road</b> <b>Back</b> Program, all chapters of the book How to Get Off.

The Road Back Program, all chapters of the book How to Get Off.

At the time of his accident, Matt was an amazingly fit 20-yr-old who was on top of the world.

Georgia Better Back Roads Field Manual - Environmental Protection.

All the rht people were in exactly the rht places at the rht times, including, in addition to Mark Harris, the dedicated airlift flht nurse who set his transportation in motion, the nursing student friend studying at home who contacted his girlfriend, and a trauma team awaiting his arrival at one of the leading American trauma centers.

On the road back manual:

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