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When you receive your unlock code(s) they will look similar to the example below: Your unlock code is : CCK: 260704XXXXXXXXXX NCK: 221877XXXXXXXXXX NSCK: 40710XXXXXXXXXX SPCK: 34120XXXXXXXXXX The letters CCK, NCK, NSCK, SPCK indicate which code to use the different locks on your handset.

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W950 models need to use * up * down ** down (up/down using the jog dial on the side). Tap repeatedly the star key to get p w symbols Older Models 1.

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If your phone have a 'Jog Dial' (ex : Sony Ericsson K700i) you must press 'Down Arrow' instead of 'Left Arrow' for step 2 & 3.

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So you need to find out which lock is active on the handset ( But usually you'll only need the one marked NCK).

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