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The only results that I have really seen so far are last week on maybe Tuesday or Wednesday I could get the ball over the rim and kind of touch it on the way down during a full court layup drill.

The Ultimate Hh Jump Manual Ron Lee 9780578019239.

Since that day, I haven’t seen anything new and I’m still where I was when I started the program.

<b>Jump</b> <b>Manual</b> Review How does it work and is it legit? - Postema.

Jump Manual Review How does it work and is it legit? - Postema.

Maybe I’m expecting too much too soon but I wanted to ask how you were doing at about this time in your program to compare. To see my results of week 3 check out this video: https:// If you were able to get the ball over the rim last week already, then I think you are on a good path!

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It’s like working out in the gym, after doing bench presses you will be weaker for a day or two, but after that you will get stronger!

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