Toshiba air conditioner manual for remote control

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Some features mht be ed something else under different models, as well.


And if the heat and humidity are enough to actually affect you negatively, then please be careful and cool down as needed.

<strong>Air</strong> <strong>conditioner</strong> split type - Dx-por

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If you use the dehumidify function, you can save some electricity versus using the air conditioning function, although it, of course, won't really cool things down (usually heats up the room instead), but just reduces moisture in the air, which can feel better in some cases. The automatic function, from my understanding, is slhtly different among models, but it basiy regulates the room's temperature and humidity automatiy, depending on how it's set and the manufacturer's settings.

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It's crazy (in a bad way) to see how many people are falling victim to the heat, this year and every year. Keep in mind that aircon makes and models vary -- some have only the most basic features and others a long list of options.

Toshiba air conditioner manual for remote control:

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