Xbox 360 turtle beach x12 headset manual

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Turtle Beach Earforce X-12 Headset TechREACTION

If you want both Audio to Headset and TV at the same time that would require the splitter type cable.

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This will only provide Audio to the headset not to the TV.

<i>Turtle</i> <i>Beach</i> - Ear Force X42 - Premium Wireless Gaming <i>Headset</i>

Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Manual

I have received many questions about headset connection and setup so I thought I would but some basic info together here for all to use I will try and add more info and link when I can.

Turtle Beach X12 Gaming Headset Xbox 360 -

Cheers The below listed Photos are to show basic Gaming system connection and where to use RCA jacks as a Sub for the orinal splitter type cable The Pics are not the best but I hope it helps, you can also view the guide pics on our site at : RCA Jack would go where the Red ( X ) is.

Xbox 360 turtle beach x12 headset manual:

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