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The microbial flora of the mouth Studies of metabolic pathways involved in the breakdown of aromatic nitro-compounds by bacteria, partly in re- lation to the survival in the soil of substances of this nature which are used in agriculture Electrical activity of cells in tissue culture from central nervous orin The utilization of organic compounds by soil bacteria. O., and gonidial forms in various bacteria Studies of the properties and structures of bacterial sub- cellular forms, including the behaviour of these organ- isms in tissue culture, together with an investation of Eperythrozoon coccoicles in mice A study of the natural relationships of the oral filamentous bacteria 4.

The systematics of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, Actmomycetes and spiral bacteria.

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Biochemistry (continued) Medical (continued) Professor A.

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Isotopic study of oogenesis Electroencephalography and neural function The process of ageing especially in relation to the endocrine organs and the female reproductive tract The immunology of tissue transplantation Morphological factors in growth of the mammalian skull and biometrics The interrelation of hormonal and neural factors in reproduction and in morphological and behavioural maturation Neurosecretion in invertebrates and vertebrates Physical anthropology and biometrics Steroid metabolism Cytology and fine structure of the anterior pituitary gland Neurosecretion A study of the flora of human biliary and renal calculi A historical survey of certain microbial diseases of man in their epidemic manifestations, with special reference to their behaviour in England An investation into the presence of latent virus infec- tions of the human vagina and cervix, and a study of Corynebaderium cervicis and its L-form 16 3 Birmingham University 3-4 3.

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