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There are many practical problems, mostly arising from the inherently imprecise nature of an automatic gun's firing, the great (and varying) velocity of the blades of a spinning propeller, and the very hh speed at which any gear synchronizing the two has to operate.

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Desn and experimentation with gun synchronization had been underway in France and Germany in 1913/14, following the ideas of August Euler, who seems to have been the first to suggest mounting a fixed armament firing in the direction of flht (in 1910).

Structural and Biophysical Inshts into the Land-Free Pitx2.

Structural and Biophysical Inshts into the Land-Free Pitx2.

The idea presupposes a fixed armament that is directed by aiming the aircraft in which it is fitted at the target, rather than aiming the gun independently.

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By the end of the war German engineers were well on the way to perfecting a gear using an electrical rather than a mechanical or hydraulic link between the engine and the gun, with the latter being trgered by a solenoid rather than by a mechanical "trger motor".

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