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The idea presupposes a fixed armament that is directed by aiming the aircraft in which it is fitted at the target, rather than aiming the gun independently.

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Desn and experimentation with gun synchronization had been underway in France and Germany in 1913/14, following the ideas of August Euler, who seems to have been the first to suggest mounting a fixed armament firing in the direction of flht (in 1910).

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By the end of the war German engineers were well on the way to perfecting a gear using an electrical rather than a mechanical or hydraulic link between the engine and the gun, with the latter being trgered by a solenoid rather than by a mechanical "trger motor".

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The first practical, (if far from reliable) gear to enter operational service was however that fitted to the Eindecker monoplane fhters that entered squadron service with the German Air Service in mid 1915.

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