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First Alert Dital Wireless Camera with 7" Display Unit Video.

When I disconnect the power, reconnect, hit star and pound within 45 seconds, I do hear two clicks which normally I wouldn't so it seems like I just need the rht combo afterwards, or so I hope.

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Second question, the previous owner didn't know the alarm code either, is there a way to override it and program a new code? In the control panel where you found the battery connections, etc, find the model number and send it to me. Now I just need a new fuse and hopefully the battery is still good.

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Security & Fire Protection Systems First Alert security alarm, battery.

Expert: Dave Neuweiler - 9/27/2009 Question QUESTION: Hi, I just recently moved into a new house which has a First Alert FA260 security system installed, however it was disconnected, and the previous owner didn't know much about it, they also left a CASIL CA1240 battery in the garage which I've researched and fured is for the alarm.

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There are two sets of wires in the alarm control box which are disconnected, the set that goes into the circuit board has two connectors which fit on to the battery terminals, the other set comes out of the roof and have no connectors attached.

First alert fa168cps programming manual:

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