Keystone coal stove owners manual

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Wood & Coal Burning Furnace Owners Manual Models 24A, 30A

The baro damper seemed to come along later, when the oil burner was introduced.

Hand Fired Deep Box Manual - Keystoker

The automatic barometric damper was NOT anywhere to be seen.

BTU's – 105,000 BTU's - Keystoker

Woodstock Soapstone Company - Manuals

The thing that they all had in common, was that they all had manual pipe dampers (MPD).

Keystoker Coal Boilers, Coal Stokers and Warm. - Fireplace Gallery

The MPD is typiy smaller than the diameter of the stove pipe it's mounted in, plus there are holes through it's center, so even "closed", there was quite an area for hot gasses to get by it and go on up the chimney. The next day the situation mht be exactly the opposite, with everything working like a charm! (I've been asked to insert into this thread, where appropriate.

Keystone coal stove owners manual:

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