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The automatic barometric damper was NOT anywhere to be seen.

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The MPD was typiy opened during coal loading of the stove, it was opened to get the fire "cookin'", it was probably opened to shake down the ashes ... Once the fire was going good, the MPD was closed to . sometimes kindling or newspaper wouldn't even burn. but far, from what I remember about "the good old days".

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While I have a certain history and feelings toward manual pipe dampers, once again, "I'm no expert". Some had coal boilers, some coal hot air, some Warm Morning parlor stoves, some had "bucket-a-days" for domestic hot water, in addition to their other heating unit, some had only coal kitchen stoves, etc..

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The thing that they all had in common, was that they all had manual pipe dampers (MPD).

Keystone coal stove owners manual:

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