Manual transfer switches for portable generators

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Portable Generator Manual Transfer Switch Basics Norwall.

They distribute power to key electrical circuits, including those that support critical appliances that are not plug-n-play, such as most furnace blowers, overhead lhting, hard-wired sump pumps, etc.

Circuit Manual Transfer Switch - KOER Portable Generators

They also serve the important function of isolating generator current from the grid, which is (1) important to protect utility workers from a dangerous condition ed “backfeed,” wherein electric current from your generator goes backwards, out of your house and into the grid via utility lines; and (2) serves to protect your household wiring from becoming fried or catching fire once municipal power comes back on line while your generator is also feeding power through the same circuits.

Circuit <strong>Manual</strong> <strong>Transfer</strong> Switch - KOER <strong>Portable</strong> <strong>Generators</strong>

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Well, not necessarily, but the number of cords and connections that you would need to run from the generator directly to appliances to make use of the power of any generator greater than 5,000 watts would be impractical and defeat much of the utility of unit with this much power.

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Finally, transfer switches offer a much greater level of convenience – by connecting the generator to home circuits with a flip of the switch, you can easily and safely run power to many different appliances, rather than being forced to run a tangle of heavy duty power cords into the home directly from the generator through open windows/doors.

Manual transfer switches for portable generators:

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