Manual transfer switches for portable generators

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Why a Generator Needs a Transfer Switch - Consumer Reports

They distribute power to key electrical circuits, including those that support critical appliances that are not plug-n-play, such as most furnace blowers, overhead lhting, hard-wired sump pumps, etc.

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The Pro/Tran manual transfer switch is specifiy desned to connect your portable generator to the circuit breaker panel in your home.

Why a Generator Needs a <em>Transfer</em> Switch - Consumer Reports

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Moreover, you would still have the problem of powering hardwired appliances that do not have a plug – hardwired appliances for powering a small number of appliances that are plug-in types (so there is no concern for backfeeding into the utility lines or overloading circuits when the lhts come back on), then you could certainly get away with running heavy duty extension cords into the home.

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The Pro/Tran allows you to power critical loads, like your refrerator, furnace fan, sump pump, well pump and microwave, with your portable generator during a power outage.

Manual transfer switches for portable generators:

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