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Therefore I have to negotiate with 60% of intensity control position to get maximum intensity but the intensity is still not enough. I would check that and whatever it connects to for dry joints. This is ed "double peaking", and it means the CRT is near the end of its life Some things to try: 1.

Tek 576 curve tracer service/op manual or producer

Here is my question, Is HV3.2KVDC not enough for this CRT to get enough intensity or the CRT immission too low? __________________ diyaudio is against your rhts. I do not have the rht to be forgotten and after asking the issue has been nored, therefore I'm leaving (peacefully) for this reason. So long and thanks for all the Fish Freax, I checked the intensity pot using DVM and the pot works good. IMG 1511 - You Tube Multiple lines for another example. My Sencore CR70 Beam Builder Universal CRT Analyzer Restorer manual makes a few references to scope CRTs, but does not include settings or a procedure. - Service Manual finder | Elektro Tanya | Service manuals and repair tips for electronics experts Here is a link to information on scope CRT restoration.

<em>Tek</em> <em>576</em> <em>curve</em> <em>tracer</em> service/op <em>manual</em> or producer


Really hard to see line on CRT when the spot on CRT is stratching as a line. Have you checked the B voltage and other power supply voltages? CRT rejuvenation: CRT Restoration for the (Brave) Experimenter 2.

Tektronix Type 576 Curve Tracer Electrical Test.

Focus control works fine because spot is changing oval shape from horizontal to vertical. If you are getting low HV then its likely that the power supply feeding your flyback is lower too. Tektronix 576 curve tracer low intensity - You Tube Intensity control is not linear when turning intensity pot. Vert 20u A, Horiz 2V and turning variable collector supply dial. See if anyone on the Tek Scopes mailing list has an extra CRT 3. Wedge in an LCD module I have a Tektronix 576 curve tracer with poor CRT brhtness.

Tek 576 curve tracer manual:

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