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Over and over again, men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq, in Guantánamo, in secret CIA black sites, in Langley, in the Pentagon, in Congress, and in the administration itself recognized the torture for what it was and objected, protested, and fought to prevent, and then to end, these illegal and ill-advised interrogations. As we saw in the very first chapter of this report, no sooner had the Bush administration embarked on a course of systematic violations of the Torture Convention than veteran intellence officers and military interrogators began to ask what would happen to those who had been treated in a way that undermined any possibility of reintroducing them into the legal system for prosecution. Nevertheless, the Agency, like the military, has an interest in the disposition of detainees and particular interest in those who, if not kept in isolation, would likely divulge information about the circumstances of their detention.

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The Torture Report, an initiative of the ACLU’s National Security Project, aims to give the full account of the Bush administration’s torture program. I am hardly the first to learn these things or reach these conclusions.

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The Torture Report Investating the Bush

While those who devised and oversaw the torture program insist their decisions were colored by the consciousness of impending danger, these men and women, who spent their days in far closer proximity to deadly threats, decried the cruel treatment as ineffective, shortshted, and wrong. In the heavily redacted section of CIA Inspector General John Helgerson's 2004 Special Review from which this new section takes its title, the only unredacted passage reads: The number of detainees in CIA custody is relatively small by comparison with those in U. This was one of the most chilling passages I came across early in my journey into the torture documents, with its insinuation that the fate of some detainees mht be determined, at least in part, by “an interest” in preventing detainees from telling the stories of their mistreatment.

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Seen in the lht of what has happened to Qahtani, Slahi, and al-Libi, it's absolutely haunting.

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