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To me , that was a sn it just needed to be overhauled and all the piping replaced.

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So I want to just replace the lines all the way to the rudder. They have many system layouts and instalation info. Just no way I can afford to bring anyone in to help. you need to visit a hydraulic shop and seek advice. Surely easier to find and fix that than to install and then troubleshoot a new system?

<i>Wagner</i> <i>Autopilot</i> advice? - The WoodenBoat

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The problem with that approach Phil , is that the system is showing sns of age and when you fix one pipe or hose, the next one just gets in line to fail ( so to speak) The last owner of my boat pulled all the hydraulic steering and the auto pilot out , reverted back to tiller.

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Wagner mk4 autopilot manual:

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