Valleylab force 2 service manual

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Valleylab Force FX periodic testing • Electrosurgery The passage of.

The RF leakage current in electrosurgical units is a critical parameter to measure, because it may cause accidental burns in patients.

Refurbished Valleylab Force 2 Electrosurgical / Cautery Unit

The particular standard for electrosurgical units IEC 60601-2-2 indicates the maximum RF leakage levels and defines the elements and their layout to do these measurements.

Refurbished <i>Valleylab</i> <i>Force</i> 2 Electrosurgical / Cautery Unit

SurgiStat Low-Power Electrosurgical Generator Service Manual.

We did these measurements in two different ways: in the first one we measured in normal conditions of use in the operating rooms and in the second we followed the mentioned Standard.

Valleylab - Force 40 Electrosurgical Generator - GTS Medical, Inc.

On this paper we show the RF leakage current values of 6 electrosurgical units.

Valleylab force 2 service manual:

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