Black and decker workmate manual

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Black & Decker Workmate 400

The assembly instructions were absolutely dire, the diagrams poorly drawn and overly complicated making it really hard to understand what was needing to be done for, it turned out, a very simple task. There is a plastic (yes plastic) well, i can only it a ribbon running between the two winding only have two use one hand when shutting the jaws.

HOW-TO 544-6986 Workmate 425. - The Home

At which point some part of the plastic sleeve holding the jaws to the wormscrew will break irreparably.

Instruction <i>manual</i> - The Home Depot

Instruction manual - The Home Depot

I have done a lot of self-assembly but these hands down were the worst I've ever come across. This flimsy feature is next to useless as it allows no clamping pressure to be applied, if you attempt this the winding handle will just keep turning and the ribbon will simply skip over the cogs to which it is attached.

BLACK AND DECKER WORKMATE 425. Portable Project Center

The runners which attach the two poor quality boards or jaws to the top of the unit are loosly bolted to the wormscrews using a, you guessed it, plastic, sleeve, so if you thten the unit up too much (in reality this is very little, barely enough to hold a small block of wood in place) the two jaws begin to raise up away from the frame, in a tectonic plate fashion..

Black and decker workmate manual:

Rating: 92 / 100

Overall: 90 Rates