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You can even use blade grinders to process spices, but due to volatile oils in cinnamon and other spices, it is not recommended go from spices back to coffee.

What's the Difference Between a Burr Grinder and Blade Grinder.

So, the whole process is pretty simple, just grind longer for finer granules.

Advantages of a Hand Grinder - Driftaway <u>Coffee</u>

Advantages of a Hand Grinder - Driftaway Coffee

The three major s discussed will be electric blade grinders, electric burr grinders, and hand crank burr grinders. You can probably get Turkish grind out of this too, but you can forget about espresso, which is more demanding of a quality and consistent grind.

The Beginner's Guide to Buying a Burr Grinder Prima Coffee

The second coffee is ground, not only is a large portion of the flavor lost to the air, but the ground coffee also rapidly becomes stale, as the inside of the bean just got exposed to the outside air. We recommend using the pulse action of the grinder rather than leaving it on the whole time.

Burr manual coffee grinders electric:

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