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The DIRECTV B Button Remote Control is available for customers who desire a simpler and easy to use remote. Will this remote go through walls to control my receiver? No, this remote is IR (infrared) which needs line of sht to operate. An RF (Radio Frequency) Remote does have the ability to go through walls and floors.


It features an extensive code library for maximum compatibility.

<i>DIRECTV</i> RC32BB B <i>Button</i> Universal

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No, this is a Infrared remote, that requires a line of site to operate a device. did assist with this websht & we are extremely grateful & appreciative.

The DIRECT universal remote is compatible with all current and past models of DIRECTV receivers. Will this enable me to operate both my DIRECTV receiver with one remote? No, this remote can only be paired with one receiver at a time. Try purchasing an RF remote if your receiver is compatible with it.

Directv big button remote manual:

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