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FFS structure autodetection improved .security area repair improved (38 new firmwares supported) . - User Data operations improved Kx: Forensic Mode supported for more models RM-1122 (Nokia 130): Phone Book Extraction Kx: Phone Book extraction improved ( different firmware versions ) Kx: Safe User Code Reset now read User Code instead of 2 step reset for Nokia 108 and Nokia 220 - Service operations improved Server SX4 activated for XG223 and BB5 (new hash only) Own SX4 card also supported. - Navi Manager New products included: RM-1062: MS Lumia 640XL[SS] RM-1063: MS Lumia 640XL[SS] RM-1064: MS Lumia 640XL[SS] RM-1065: MS Lumia 640XL[DS] RM-1074: MS Lumia 640[SS] RM-1075: MS Lumia 640[DS] RM-1096: MS Lumia 640XL[DS] RM-1099: MS Lumia 432[DS] RM-1109: MS Lumia 640[SS] RM-1113: MS Lumia 640[SS] RM-1122: Nokia 130[SS] RM-1124: Nokia 108[SS] Navi Manager Database updated: All latest WP8 and Kx firmware included - Other - Ini updated and revised - Stuff files updated - Some Bug Fixes and changes February 25 Infinity BEST v1.61 released - XG213 Forensic, Sim Lock Recovery and more - USB flashing improved - SW version check in dead mode revised for ADL/CFL flashing - Fixed After Flash operations (Factory sets errors on some RAPUxx products) - Service operations improved - Added User Code reading from stucking XG213 phones *No more need Reflash product, if need read User Code - Added XG213 Simlock Recovery from dead phones (if Simlock inside flash exists/alive) - Added FULL RPL extraction from dead XG213 phones (NPC/CCC/HWC/Sim Lock/WMDRM/CMLA) - Added XG213 Full Flash Reading - Improved XG213 SECURITY repair - Revised XG213 RPL operations - User Data operations improved - Added XG213 Gallery extraction from dead phones - Added XG213 Phone Book extraction from dead phones (in s4pb also) - Damaged XG213 FS support in testing, but should work - Improved XG223 support (Phone Book operations , SMS/MMS extraction) - Other - Ini revised - Stuff files updated - Some bugfixes and improvements at all January 21 Infinity-Box: Doro, Alcatel, Zonda, ZTE and other models updated .

Vintage Hi Fi - Reviewing Other Amps We Researched -

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Huawei-G7105 direct unlock, counter reset, flashing improved . Lanix-R10 model under test April 25 Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v2.06 - Lumia Boot Repair and Kx - USB flashing improved Kx: New Flash Update package Kx: Support for latest 6260 products improved WP8x: Boot Repair now support more models RM-1031: MS Lumia 532[DS] RM-1032: MS Lumia 532[SS] RM-1034: MS Lumia 532[SS] RM-1068: MS Lumia 435[DS LTA] RM-1069: MS Lumia 435[DS] RM-1070: MS Lumia 435[SS LTA] RM-1071: MS Lumia 435[SS] For activate new models you should download and install latest Lumia Repair Package from support!


Infinity supports many phones, and we are using it more and more these days, since company's like ZTE, Foxlink, Vodafone, Huawei become more and more popular in the low price phone market.

Eagle signal sx300 manual:

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