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Topics covered includes: Rationale for Dental Implants, Bone Substitute Materials in Implant Dentistry, Biotechnology of Tissues and Materials in Dentistry, Dental Implant Placement in Inadequate Posterior Maxilla, Immediate Loading in Implant Dentistry, Miniscrew Applications in Orthodontics, Drug Delivery Systems in Bone Regeneration and Implant Dentistry.

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Topics covered includes: Aging, Complexity of Aging, Stroke, Nutrition and Aging, Nutrition and Exercise, Calcium and Vitamin D, Cognitive Disorders, Geriatric Rehabilitation, Geriatric Endodontics, Oral Cancer and Other Pathologic Lesions of the Geriatric Patient, Aging and Periodontal Disease.

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Objective of this note is to teach the Students the complexity of aging, patient management and the importance of dentistry in total patient care.

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This note covers the following topics: Historical development of oral health, Anatomy of the oral cavity, Anatomy of the tooth, Chronology of tooth development, Nomenclature, Examination of dental patients, Disease of the hard tissue of the tooth, Disease of the dental pulp, Periodontal diseases, Anesthetic consideration in dental practice, Tooth extraction, Odontogenic infections, Trauma of the teeth and orofacial region, Congenital malformation, Principles of preventive dentistry.

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