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It gets me some so-so images but the better way to get images is a CCD camera.

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I have seen some excellent images taken with a canon 20D pgybacked on an ETX 90. I was going to try multiple exposures but then I had very good luck on the ponies and bought a 12" LX200 GPS.

<i>Meade</i> <i>ETX</i>-70AT PDF <i>Manual</i> 40 Pages

Meade ETX-70AT PDF Manual 40 Pages

Presumably its based on an RC osc and presumably if one found the rht resistor one coud replace with a trimmer. Useful for some widefield photos with camera whilst using main scope the tracking is probably good enough for widefield pgy back camera images-have you tried at all? I have an ETX60 base to which I attatched my 300D but at 1600 there is far too much noise and the longer times need give long trails.

I'm a b time newbie to scopes but I'm slowly learning. Also consider buying an auto focus module for your scope to better your picture taking. Does anyone know of a ciruit mod to provide adjusting the speed.

Meade etx 70 manual:

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Overall: 94 Rates