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Simplified, Enhanced Protein Purification Using an Inducible

Immunofluorescence microscopy verified their colocalization with microtubules.

Intein‐mediated purification of cytotoxic endonuclease I‐ Tev I

To investate kinesin-driven intracellular transport in PSG cells, we cloned five silkworm kinesin-like proteins (KLPs), Bm Kinesin-1, Bm Kinesin-6, Bm Kinesin-7, Bm Kinesin-13, and Bm Kinesin-14A.

Swapping the chitin-binding domain in Bacillus. - RSC

Differential Expression of Two Catechol

Neurons, flagellated cells, and pment cells have been traditionally used as model systems to study the cellular functions of kinesins.

In Vitro Reconstitution of an NADPH-Dependent Superoxide

Correspondence: Junlin Teng, Tel: 5786; Fax: 5786 E-mail: [email protected]; Jianguo Chen, E-mail: [email protected] Received 5 November 2009; Revised 24 December 2009; Accepted 28 January 2010; Published online 6 April 2010.

Pet cbd expression system manual novagen:

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