Sears water softener manual 350

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Model / Modelo No. 625.384200 Water Softener - Sears

Will regenerate or recharge, is controlled by the valve of a water softener system.

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Over time, water softener resins get completely covered with hardness minerals and need to be cleaned.

Model / Modelo No. 625.384200 <u>Water</u> <u>Softener</u> - <u>Sears</u>

How to Troubleshoot a Kenmore Water Softener

Demand regeneration is often considered more efficient in both salt and water usage because the system only regenerates when it has used up it’s softening capacity instead of simply regenerating on a given day, whether it needs regeneration or not (could happen with time-initiated).

Resin Replacement, When, Why, and How -

The valve or “control valve” is the ‘brain’ of the softener unit, since it gives the commands as to when the softener regeneration process will occur. With the hardness minerals trapped in the resin and removed from the water, the water becomes “soft”.

Sears water softener manual 350:

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