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Toshiba Censorship, they don't want me to repair my own laptops.

In some laptops the CMOS battery could be easily accessed from the bottom, as it shown on the picture below. In some laptops the CMOS battery is hidden under the keyboard. Here’s the most common problem related to the CMOS battery.

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The CMOS battery connects directly to the laptop system board and helps to retain important BIOS settings such as system time, date, BIOS confuration while the laptop is turned off or even when the main battery is removed.

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The CMOS battery is rechargeable and it’s getting charged when the laptop is plugged into the mains. On the picture below you see a basic coin cell CMOS battery. Basiy, it’s two coin cell batteries but they are bundled together and have a cable which plugs into the system board. On the next picture you see a CMOS battery which is soldered to the system board. In order to access and replace the battery you’ll have to disassemble the whole laptop.

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Any laptop computer has a CMOS battery also known as RTC battery.

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