Wild bill's bird feeder manual

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Hang it outside your kitchen or living room window, and enjoy your chirping friends all year long.

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Especially as the cold months approach, your backyard visitors will be happy to have the free buffer. A field guide of your region's avian species will help you fure out who's coming to lunch (try The bird feeder shown here looks store-bought but was made with materials from the home center and grocery store.

Customers Solving Problems at the Backyard <strong>Wild</strong> <strong>Bird</strong>

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The copper top is a cap for a 44 deck post, and the clear body is made from a plastic soda bottle.

Customers Solving Problems at the Backyard Wild Bird

The rest of the feeder was cut from a single cedar board, and it all comes together with tools you probably have hanging around your garage.

Wild bill's bird feeder manual:

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