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It’s more compact than a solution using a Raspberry Pi board with an external USB hard drive, but you may prefer getting a case for your Raspberry Pi and its hard drive, and it turns out Sup Tronics has a bunch of those either for 2.5″ SATA drives, or m SATA drive, with or without stereo to 7.1 audio DACs via their X-Series DIY kits.

SupTronics X800 2.5″ SATA Drive Expansion Board and Cases for

You’ll find the assembly manual on X800 product page.

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I wrote about Sup Tronics expansion boards for Raspberry Pi a few year ago.

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X800 HDD Expansion Board ships with a power connection wire, 4x M2.5 spacers, 4x M3 spacers, 8x M2.5 screws, 8x M3 screws, and 4x M3 screw nuts, as well as an optional 5V/4A power supply.

Adplus debug training manual:

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