Berkel bread slicer instruction manual

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By moving the index knob, gauge plate support and controls to the upper left, the "drip and drop" area under the product table is wide open.

Bread Slicer Blades – L. Stocker and Sons

Our slicers are available in automatic, manual and mandoline variety.

Baker's Aid GMB 1/2Bread Slicer." />

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Drastiy increase the efficiency of your foodservice operation with our slicers that allow you to slice through your restaurant ingredients quickly and consistently. For more information, check out our selection below or contact us with any questions that you have.

Baker's Aid GMB 1/2" Half Inch 1/2" Gravity Fed Bread Slicer.

We carry a large selection of slicers for bread, fruits, vegetables, meat and more.

Berkel bread slicer instruction manual:

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