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Unfortunately, when I go to the corel ftp site now, the only things in the pdox 9 folder are updates (there's a file labeled pdox9but it's the pdox 9 sp 2).

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If not what are some of the steps that are necessary to have access to a paradox application via the web? ---further edit, how does one go about incorporating the table repair utility into the runtime? I have not tried it myself, but the Paradox expert on this is Tony Mc Guire (find him here: and he can probably give you more details.

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If I wanted to be able to access a paradox application online, what would I need to do, e.g., would it be possible to have the same codebase for a desktop application and an online version of said application, is there any remote chance that the web utilities of pdox 9 can dynamiy translate the paradox forms/info into html/web information??? It can be used for creating dynamic web pages based on your tables etc...

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Alrht, to make use of this wasted thread: I'm interested in the web capabilities of pdox 9 sp3.

Corel paradox 9 manual:

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