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There are a couple of ways to go about doing this, and the various methods probably can be best chosen according to what other work has to be done on the Jeep.

Automatic Transmission, TH700R4

Automatic Transmissions have a lot of parts, and are not exactly simple, If rebuilding a carburator or an engine represents a substantial challenge for you you may be better of going to a non-AAMCO transmission shop. Any place where there is wind and dust and dirt is probably unacceptable. More likely you will have to buy some tools, and it is not entirely unlikely that those will be expensive tools.

<b>Rebuild</b> <b>Manual</b> For 700r4 <b>Transmission</b> - Free <b>manuals</b> and.

Rebuild Manual For 700r4 Transmission - Free manuals and.

On the other hand rebuilding an automatic transmission is definitely within the realm of what a good ametuer mechanic can expect to do correctly. I used the kitchen table after coving it with first some plastic garbage bags and then some masking paper. Of course keep in mind that my taste in tools tends toward quality name brands, and that you'll probably end up with at least a few new tools that you'll never know how you did without. I used a factory Jeep shop manual for the 81 model year.

How to Rebuild and Modify Your Manual

I then pulled the engine and transmission as a single unit following the transmission with a bucket to catch the fluid.

How to rebuild a manual transmission video:

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