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If you don’t have a tripod, look for something you can rest your camera on. If you absolutely need to hand hold your camera, the only choice of SLR settings you have for nht photography is to set it to P (Program) and up the ISO to 800 – 1600. Note: This usually isn’t recommended for hh quality nht shots.

Dital SLR DSLR camera settings for nht photography

If you have a tripod handy, set the ISO to the lowest setting your dital SLR camera will go.

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For example, Canon EOS 400D will go as low as 100 ISO, whereas a Nikon D40 will go to 200.

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However, as you’ll soon find out, it’s not as easy as setting your dital camera to automatic and shooting the image. Whereas on some SLR models, like the Nikon D40 for example, shutter priority is displayed as the letter S.

Nikon d40 digital slr manual:

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