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It will sew to the top then just start sewing side to side in one place. Or is it the type that sews up both sides at the same time? The needle won't move when pushing pedal or buttons. I am able to easily turn the knob and it stitches fine when doing that. Hope you have the manual for it, OR you can google MANUAL for said machine and model. I don't use it much and then only for hemming slacks, shorts, fixing my flags, etc. The last time I set it up for use was about 2 weeks ago.

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It occasionally sounds like it is trying, but can't move. My Singer sewing machine 6199 has an error code of E7 on it. I've already checked the button hole lever and it's not that. I've went and bought a super glue and I glued the 2 pieces back together and it works. I was sewing a fleece blanket, heavy weht, and heard a loud squeaky noise, After oiling it, the sound was better. The hand wheel turns and the needle goes up and down, the timing gear just isn't turning. I need to remove the back cover of my Singer 3827 so that I can replace the spool holder and pin. I was half way finished with my job when I noticed it was stitching perfectly on top, but the bottom stitching was all bunching up.

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I've checked everything and I only see that the plastic part on the lht has broken and the lht got hung down little bit. I have a Singer Esteem sewing machine that recently froze up. I have checked for errant threads in the bobbin case as well as the spool threading areas. While sewing, the hook timing gear that the bobbin case fits into stopped turning. I've tried unscrewing the obvious parts on the back cover, but couldn't seem to get the cover off. So I pulled all of the stitching out and was going to start over, but needed more thread on the bobbin.

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I have a Singer 5500 and I'm trying to make buttonholes automatiy. Mine does what you state, because thats what its supposed to do to (goes back and forth to anchor the stitching). I am just looking for an answer to get through this current need, then service or a new machine perhaps? Also I would try letting the machine run as if sewing while bobbin winding, in case the problem is in the switch. Sometimes a needle breaks and all pieces don't get removed, to wrong type of thread used, bobbin aged, esp if using metal bobbin. And yes, they moved to the basement for non-intricate sewing.

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