Wilson jones laminator lv340hs user manual

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Wilson JonesR LV340HS Laminating

Go to and scroll down the list of products to "pouch laminators" then choose your specific model.

NEW Wilson Jones LV250HS Laminator

The reason why when the sheet place between the two laminating plastic film enter the laminator the heat cause this to bond in one of the rubber roller.

<b>Wilson</b> Electronics <b>Laminator</b> <b>LV340HS</b>

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First, one part of the laminating film where adhesive is was exposed to the rubber roller.

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(Remember that the paper should be placed in the middle between the two plastic laminating film were adhesive part is face together.. Then take out screws that are holding this vertical plastic wall place.

Wilson jones laminator lv340hs user manual:

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