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Acer Laptop Service Repair Manuals V2

Many years ago, one of the absolute worst customer experiences I ever had concerned a Toshiba laptop that never worked properly -- which was followed by ridiculous and rude service.

Toshiba You Can't Have Repair Manuals

But having had that experience, somehow it doesn't surprise me that, among the major laptop makers, Toshiba would be the one using copyrht law to try to hide its service repair manuals (story found via Slashdot).

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Service Manuals for Acer notebooks

Eventually, using the famous Consumerist Executive Email Carpet Bomb process, I was able to get things sorted out (and, despite them asking me to sn an NDA, when I sent it back crossed out the exec ed me and said it was fine and that I was allowed to talk about the situation).

Free Acer Laptop User Manuals

Since then, however, I've stayed away from Toshiba laptops entirely.

Acer laptop service repair manuals:

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