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IATAAHM36 - IATA Airport Handling Manual

- Chapter 4 : Aircraft Handling and Loading: o AHM440 - New standards developed by IDQP for Potable Water Servicing o AHM420 / 422-4 - Updated standards and messaging for ULDs - Chapter 5 Load Control o New AHM564 To assist in preparation of phasing out of AHM560 (by 2018) to the new and more detailed AHM565 o New in book - AHM565 now includes the full text (45 pages) of the Explanatory Material for semi-permanent data exchange for new generation of Departure Control Systems - Chapter 6 Airside Management and Safety o AHM 640 - Updated standard on Human Factor - Chapter 7- Aircraft Messaging o AHM 730/731/780 Updated Aircraft Movement messages and delay codes - Chapter 8 Ground Handling Agreements o AHM811 Yellow Pages includes all editorial changes and text clarifications o AHM815 Complete update of the ticketing agreement - Chapter 9 Airport Handling Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Specifications o Over 15 GSE equipment requirements updated to reflect enhanced GSE technology to reduce the potential for damaging aircraft - Over 50 amendments to AHM provisions - For table of contents and more, go to org/ahm The definitive sources for the latest industry-approved policies (AHM) and procedures (OM) covering all facets of safe and efficient airport operations.


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Airport Handling Manual (AHM) 36th Edition Available Ref: 9099-36 New this year: - AHM 36th Edition & OM 5th Edition are now available separately and/or as combos - Introducing web downloads; the same application as the CD but with faster delivery and no freht charges!

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