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The three modems currently offered by AT&T; for its residential customers are the 2Wire DSL Gateway Model 2701HG-B, the Motorola DSL Modem Model 2210, and the Westell DSL Modem Model F90-6100.

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Which of these models is the best for you will depend upon your needs: what features you are looking for, whether you have or want to provide your own wireless router, and how much you would like to spend.

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AT&T; generally refers to the 2Wire DSL Gateway Model 2701HG-B as a "Gateway." This modem is the default modem for AT&T;'s DSL customers.

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Although it is possible to use other models of DSL modems with AT&T;'s DSL service (and the those with special cal needs may choose to do so), these modems have the advantage of full cal support provided by AT&T.; The company also offers an advanced Motorola Wi-Fi Business Router Model 3347 modem, but this modem works only with AT&T;'s business DSL service for the time being.

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