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Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Teacher’s Manual

When people can RELATE to what's being taught, it reinforces the importance of the message being presented.

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For me, I'd like maybe 50% interesting discussion, 50% basics we need to be reminded to live, principles, etc.

<i>Book</i> Of <i>Mormon</i> <i>Sunday</i> <i>School</i> <i>TeacherS</i> <i>Manual</i>.

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ustangbase can't speak for the other links, but FAIR's supplemental information from the first link received a nice letter from the Church saying in part "I hope more members, including gospel doctrine teachers, will find this info and use it appropriately in their lessons."Thank you for sharing, livy111us! I find it very important to stick with the lesson and not drift from the heart of the topics.

Book Mormon Manual

I'm a Sunday School teacher and I follow the manual to teach my kids.

Book of mormon teacher manual sunday school:

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