Coastal engineering manual (cem)

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Coastal Engineering Part I - Coastal Hydrodynamics - a PDH Online.

Link to resource This manual is intended to provide those responsible for flood defences, coastal erosion protection structures and other coastal structures with practical guidance on how to determine, monitor, assess and mitate for the effects of toe scour.

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Link to Resource This Overtopping Manual gives guidance on analysis and/or prediction of wave overtopping for flood defences attacked by wave action.

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The CEM is the modern replacement of the Shore Protection Manual.

Link to resource This Guide reviews the options available for managing erosion, from non-intervention through to construction of revetments and seawalls, and offers guidance on how to select or desn the most appropriate response to a particular situation.

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This engineering manual will include the basic principles of coastal processes, methods for computing coastal planning and desn parameters, and guidance on how to formulate and conduct studies in support of coastal flooding, shore protection, and navation projects.

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