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This was very far from being an April Fool’s Day Joke for the owners and occupants of the buildings. Colour photograph showing the Detail of a Party Wall ... in the aftermath of the fires at a Terrace of Housing in Terenure, Dublin. both during the fire, and for a minimum period afterwards … I was shocked at how these fires spread through the long terrace … The reference to Paragraph at the top rht hand corner of the diagram is an error …

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And my statement that those photographs “could have been taken in almost any house, anywhere in the country” … fire spread through a long terrace of houses in the Dublin City Suburbs of Terenure. but it was reported that some people were injured, including a firefhter. in other words, to resist the passage of heat, smoke and flame from one side of the Party Wall to the other … The details shown are y incompetent, and will NOT work in a ‘real’ fire incident.

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In the foreground, Gardaí are keeping a watchful eye. Black and white graphic image showing part of Diagram 13: ' Junction of Compartment Wall with Roof' ...

HomeBond House Building Manual 'A Gentle Whisper in Your Ear'

Specifiy, the photographs in that Post which showed that there was NO Fire and Smoke Separation between a house and its nehbouring property … to provide adequate Fire Separation between those properties …

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