Ingersoll rand ssr- ep200 manual

manual transmission shift knob

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Ingersoll Rand 100 HP, Ingersoll Rand 37 KW, Ingersoll Rand 50, Ingersoll Rand 60, Ingersoll Rand 75, Ingersoll Rand 75 KW, Ingersoll Rand EP, Ingersoll Rand EPE, Ingersoll Rand HPE, Ingersoll Rand MH, Ingersoll Rand ML, Ingersoll Rand MM, Ingersoll Rand SSR, Ingersoll Rand XF, Ingersoll Rand XFE, Ingersoll Rand XPSSR-XFE/EPE/HPE 50 HP SSR-XF/EP/HP 60 HP SSR-XF/EP/HP/XP 75-100 HP SSR-ML/MM/MH 37-75 KW PARTS LIST RECOMMENDED SPARES RETAIN THIS MANUAL WITH UNIT. The Company shall not be liable for any repairs, replacements, or adjustments to the Equipment or any costs of labor performed by the Purchaser or others without Company’s prior written approval.

Performance warranties are limited to those specifiy stated within the Company’s proposal.

<u>Manual</u> de operador <u>Ingersoll</u> <u>Rand</u> -


The Purchaser shall be oblated to promptly report any failure to conform to this warranty, in writing to the Company in said period, whereupon the Company shall, at its option, correct such nonconformity, by suitable repair to such equipment or, furnish a replacement part F. Accessories or equipment furnished by the Company, but manufactured by others, shall carry whatever warranty the manufacturers have conveyed to the Company and which can be passed on to the Purchaser.

Manual de operador Ingersoll Rand -

This manual contains important safety information and must be made available to personnel who operate and maintain this machine. The effects of corrosion, erosion and normal wear and tear are specifiy excluded.

Ingersoll rand ssr- ep200 manual:

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