Paypal manual credit card entry

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PayPal Launches iPhone Card Reader for Payments

I use Pay Pal all the time to make online purchases. A number of my clients use it to collect payments on their websites because it is free to join, the fees are comparable to other merchant services and your customers no longer need a Pay Pal account to make a purchase or pay an invoice with Pay Pal.

One reason why paypal mht be rejecting your credit

When my client ed, they were able to look at the error logs and we found out why the credit card would not go through.

Section 5.1 <b>Credit</b> <b>Card</b> Integration - Integrated

PayPal — ActionKit Manual

Several weeks ago, a client of mine ed because one of her customers kept having their credit card declined by Pay Pal and she wanted to know what could be the matter. I ed the Pay Pal customer service number (888-215-5506), but since the difficulty didn’t happen with a transaction on my Pay Pal account they couldn’t check the logs.

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When you go to check out with Pay Pal, there is an option to not check out with a Pay Pal account (see image below).

Paypal manual credit card entry:

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